Comment Notification

This site includes a comment notification feature in order to facilitate more back-and-forth communication. When you leave a comment, you will have the option of checking a box in order to receive an email if there are additional comments. The email message will actually include the new comments, so that you can decide if you want to visit the site and reply. Here’s what you will see beneath the comment box:

If you check the box, you will be notified of any new comments on that topic (and that topic only). Please give this a try! [Note to WP admins: This function is made possible by a plugin called Subscribe to Comments 2.1.]

Including Links in a Comment

If you want to include links to other webpages in your comment, simply paste in the URL or web address.

To avoid posting a lengthy link, you can visit to create a custom, short link.

For a more elegant approach, you can also use HTML code to create linked text in a comment.

Use the following code:

<a target="_blank" href="INSERT URL" rel="nofollow">INSERT LINKED TEXT</a>

So, a link to Google would appear as:

<a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow">Google</a>

Ex Post Facto Feeds

This site is equipped with RSS feed capability. If your web browser is compatible with this technology, you can click here for the feed.

It can also serve up an Atom feed, if that’s more your speed.

If you read a lot of blog and news sites that use RSS, you may want to use an RSS reader or aggregator in order to efficiently browse new posts and stories.

The most popular reader is probably Bloglines. You can set up a free account there quickly and easily. If you need help, check out this thorough tutorial.